Factors to Remember When Selecting a Scissor Lift for Sale

scissor lift for sale

Looking for all terrain scissor lift for sale for your industrial needs? Make sure that you take the time to sit back and think about a couple of essential things, including:

Power Supply

Where you will be sourcing power for the operation of the scissor lift is a top consideration that should be determined before you select your specific material. There are several types of scissor lifts, and they are powered differently.

Electric and diesel scissor lifts, for instance, are ideal if you’re looking for utmost convenience. However, if you do not have a lot of space in your work facility, electric may be better over diesel; diesel scissor lifts can generate fumes that may pose health risks in cramped spaces.

If you want minimal maintenance, pneumatic lifts are recommended. These scissor lifts are powered by compressing atmospheric air, and may be used anywhere that such an air is available. But they can get pricey.

Another factor that you should think about when choosing your type of scissor lift is the specific lift application mechanism that it will use. Some lifts, for instance, require full stroke movements, while others utilise incremental jogs in only one direction.

Load Requirements

The nature of the load that you will work with, the way the loads will be transitioned on and off the lift, and the load capacity of the lift are important specifications that should be determined before selecting your scissor lift. For instance, your load should ideally be placed on the centre of the platform to ensure maximum functionality and security while the lift is in transition. As such, your specific scissor lift platform must be able to handle what you intend to put on it.

Similarly, how the load is transitioned onto the platform must account for things such as friction and impact, as well as the footprints of the load increments in relation to the size of the platform. Additionally, you must think about the load capacity of the lift, along with side and end load requirements, if they are necessary.

Vertical Height Requirements

Vertical travel requirements should also be a blueprint for choosing your scissor lift model.

At Auslift Equipment, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a diverse catalog of options for a scissor lift for sale. If you are not sure about which specific model best meets your needs, talk to our professional team today and we can help.

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