Tips in Finding a Quality Boom Lift for Sale in Perth

boom lift for sale perth

If you need an aerial lift that provides more flexibility than a scissor lift, a boom lift is your choice. This equipment comes with a hydraulic arm that provides more manouevrability when it comes to accessing areas that are hard to navigate around.

If you’re thinking of investing in one, looking at options of a boom lift for sale in Perth or in other areas is a decision that will prove to be a smart investment over time. To make full use of it, remember these tips before making a purchase.

Familiarise yourself with options. There are two kinds of boom lifts: articulating and telescoping. Articulating boom lifts are equipped with sections that hinge or “articulate”, which enables operators to gain access to hard-to-reach places, even over obstacles. They are great for both indoor and rough terrain applications, and they come in several sizes that facilitate easy navigation even in very cramped spaces. Plus, there are articulating boom lifts that come with an extra extension (which is called a jib) that adds to the navigational functionality of the equipment.

Telescopic booms, on the other hand, are lifts that extend like a telescope. One key advantage that this type of booms have over articulating boom lifts is their greater horizontal outreach, which makes them ideal for a wide range of construction and industrial applications. In addition, they enable operators to work from a distance, when there are obstacles that prevent closer access in certain spaces. Some telescopic booms also come with four-wheel drives and oscillating axles for rough terrain working conditions. And they get into their working position faster, which can speed up productivity.

Choose a good brand. It is also important to choose a manufacturer that is well-associated with product quality. Also, the product should come with comprehensive warranty.

We at Auslift Equipment believe that every workplace in Australia that requires the use of a boom lift should not have any trouble in finding the right equipment that will meet their needs. This is why we offer a diverse catalog of products that are geared to address all types of requirements, while ensuring maximum productivity, functionality, and safety.

We also make sure that our customers are treated to the kind of shopping experience that they deserve. As such, we provide personalised guidance every step of the way, answering questions and taking care of concerns truthfully and professionally. If you want to talk to our team today, do not hesitate to send us a message.

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