Types of Scissor Lift for Sale in Australia

scissor lift for sale australia

Also known as a mobile elevated work platform, a scissor lift is a prized equipment that is designed to help streamline functionality and performance across many industrial applications. There are several uses for this equipment, ranging from accessing high-shelf accessories inside warehouses to installing rolled steel joist – and as a material lifting equipment, it is an indispensable supplement to streamlining operations.

If you are thinking of going over your range of options for a scissor lift for sale in Australia or in other areas, you will want to harness the full functionality of such an equipment. To do that, you should choose the right type of scissor lift. Here, we give a brief overview of the different types you will find.


Hydraulic scissor lifts are either hand powered or engine driven. As their name suggests, these lifts make use of pressurised hydraulics to lift loads. When there is a change in the pressure of the oil, the platform gets moved vertically.

The thing with hydraulic scissor lifts, though, is that they tend to get affected by weather conditions – especially in older models. Oil performs best in warmer temperatures, so if you need to use an old hydraulic scissor lift in a cold region, you may have to prepare for some downtime come winter. Fortunately, this issue has been rectified in newer models.


Pneumatic scissor lifts are operated by compressed atmospheric air; when the pressure is right, the platform moves. As such, it is arguably the most flexible of all the scissor lift types, as your workplace will only need air to be compressed to work the equipment.

These lifts are also environmentally friendly, as they do not produce toxic fumes or by-products. And they require the least effort in terms of maintenance, since they have only a few components, and do not come with an engine.

Electric and Diesel

Electric and diesel scissor lifts, on the other hand, are powered by electricity or fuel. They are among the most popular types of lifts that you will find in workplaces, and they come in different sizes and options. They are also fairly reasonably priced, so they are recommended for facilities on a budget.

Diesel scissor lifts are best for outdoor applications, since some of them can be extended up to 10 metres. Electric lifts are ideal for cramped or indoor spaces, because they do not pose risks that come with using their diesel counterparts, such as the release of fumes.

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